Prior to starting Phase I Restoration, student volunteers from Syracuse University joined in a clean-up of the Columbus Avenue house. On October 22nd , five students from the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) along with members of the Gustav Stickley House Foundation cleaned the house in preparation for the assessment and contractor bidding process. Gregg Tripoli, director of the Onondaga Historical Association, helped to coordinate the students’ participation. The house, which hasn’t been lived in for several years, has suffered some from the passage of time and the intrusion of Mother Nature. Students helped to sweep floors, vacuum cobwebs, remove trash and other debris. We are grateful for their time and elbow grease.

By Gustav Stickley House Foundation


Caroline Barrick, Stephanie Wagner, David Bullard and Aaron Guttenplan

Gregg Tripoli, Aaron Guttenplan Caroline Barrick, Stephanie Wagner, David Bullard