The interior is rebuilt to provide an ideal background for Stickley’s Craftsman furniture. It is believed to be the first interior in America in the Arts & Crafts style. In the December 1902 issue of The Craftsman, Samuel Howe writes:

“When I enter I note a rich grandeur in the passion for size, scale and sense of bigness. How soothing – wistful – simple, is this house. The quiet sense of humanity pervades it. The soul of the workman is manifest in his work. We hear his rugged laugh, half defiant of criticism. There is daring, and I might say almost arrogance, in some of the detail. It has been said that the reign of the fireplace is over and that with it, the sense of home has perished from among us. Surely a glance at these liberal hearths shows that this statement is not yet true.”