A consortium of non-profit and government organizations takes over from the Everson to consolidate grant monies, complete historic research and repair the exterior. Reporter Rich Moriarty reviewed the condition of the interior in a Nov. 22, 2015 Post- Standard article:

“There’s much to see. The walls are still adorned with chestnut paneling that Stickley installed after the fire. The ceilings still feature narrowly spaced chestnut beams. The floors are made of chestnut planks. The home’s windows still have wide chestnut surrounds with paneling underneath.
A first floor fireplace is framed by two wood-and-glass doors leading to storage areas. The doors look like they came right off a Stickley display cabinet.
Even closet, bedroom and bathroom doors look like Stickley furniture. Many feature the same horizontal and vertical planking found on Stickley dining room tables and settles.”