Stickley Seminar & Fundraiser

Stickley Seminar & Fundraiser

The Gustav Stickley House Foundation recently hosted a fundraising seminar – Gustav Stickley: Reflections on a Legacy; Preservation for the Future – which brought together attendees interested in supporting the restoration of the historic Stickley home on... read more

Gustav Stickley III Reminiscences of his Grandfather

Gustav Stickley III was only 11 years old when his famous grandfather passed away in 1942. Yet he still remembers the valuable lessons he learned as a young boy from Gustav Stickley. One of the lessons that stands out most for Stickley, now 85, is how his grandfather... read more
Phase One Construction Begins

Phase One Construction Begins

Construction is under way to restore the historic Gustav Stickley House on Columbus Avenue in Syracuse. A Restoration Kickoff Event, co-sponsored by the University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA) and the Gustav Stickley House Foundation Inc. (GSHF) was... read more
Family Visits to the Gustav Stickley House

Family Visits to the Gustav Stickley House

In recent months, The Gustav Stickley House Foundation has had the opportunity to tour several great-grandchildren of Gustav Stickley through the Columbus Ave house prior to the beginning of restoration. In August, Charles “Skip” Nitchie and his family visited from... read more
Student Clean-Up October 2016

Student Clean-Up October 2016

Prior to starting Phase I Restoration, student volunteers from Syracuse University joined in a clean-up of the Columbus Avenue house. On October 22nd , five students from the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) along with members of the Gustav Stickley... read more
A Visit to the House of Mr. Stickley

A Visit to the House of Mr. Stickley

It was the December 1902 issue of The Craftsman magazine that featured an article entitled “A Visit to the House of Mr. Stickley,” written by Samuel Howe. The writer was one of the first people to visit the home of Gustav Stickley after Stickley had redesigned and... read more
A Successful Summer Garden Party Fundraiser

A Successful Summer Garden Party Fundraiser

The Summer Garden Party Fundraiser, the inaugural fundraising event for the Gustav Stickley House Foundation, was a success beyond expectations, raising more than $33,000 for the restoration of the historic home at 438 Columbus Avenue in Syracuse. The original... read more

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